Thursday, August 30, 2012

New pdf.... Ukulele Magazine

Acoustic Guitar.... has come out with a very cool ukulele on-line magazine.  The up-side, it has loads of information for the beginner.

Like 'Shopping for a Ukulele',  lots of good info and some choices here.

The also include a few songs,  they may be a bit advanced but they include the ever popular IZ song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'... the chords are mainly one's we know,  and best of all, they show you his strum (this is a bit advanced for me, but it can be done)....  Remember the chorus strum is DDu  uDu  (1 2 n  n4n).

Somewhere.... is worth working out for one of the songs you play and sing for friends or family.... it's always a winner and everyone knows it.  Skip the intro until you have it down.  I'll try to figure it out.

The down-side of this magazine is.... way too many full page ads.

Check it out at Ukulele Magazine

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Live Aloha... September 9th

If you love the ukulele, if you love all things Hawaiian... food, hula, sounds, happy people with shaved ice.  Then get yourself down to the Seattle Center on September 9th.  All things Hawaiian,  all day.  If see a smilin' face it could be me.... say 'Mahalo".

Friday, August 10, 2012

August song... it's our broken heart summer drinkn' song.

Not that I'm a drinking man... but with this summers heat, and if you take in to account those of us that have experienced in the past, a broken heart or two (yes, Mr Spock I mean you)... I just might abide.

"There Stands the Glass" is one of those great drinking and blues songs by Van Morrison.  Yup! 'Van the Man' as his friends and those that peek at his bio on Wikipedia call him.. really knows how to sing the hurt out... then ask for a drink to sooth his pains.

You can't help but put a bit of a sorrowful crack in your voice when you sing this... no you can't.

Our handout (up early), "Uke info and self-tuning" is all about getting to know the parts of you ukulele... and how to tune it, when you lose that chromatic tuner.   And you will.

Our next WikiWiki is the coming Sunday August 19th.  Remember doors open at 1pm... we start strummn' at 1:30.

Added note:  If our summer holds out a bit longer... come join us on Alki for a Jam on September 2nd.

Here's the links you need to see it all:
          WikiWiki front page

          Ballard Wiki info page
          Here's where you go to get the download for this month