Monday, December 12, 2011

December Songs - just in time for the Holidays

It's that time again. When the cold brings us inside... then the shopping pushes us outside back into the cold cold cold... then for some odd reason, afterwards, when we're back home or with friends, we all feel like singing and playing our ukuleles.

To help you along with song... we have the return of some of our more traditional, in our Holiday Song book, a multi-page (8 pages) download.

We're also bringing back last years favorite - 'The Chanukah Song' by Adam Sandler.

What's the Holidays without something new...our new song is - 'The Burglar Song - Jesus is Watching You' .

Have fun and see you Sunday the 18th.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Songs to munch Turkey by.....

It's November and Happy Turkey Day.

For this month I finally was able to dig up two Thanksgiving songs.... it was hard... really! If anyone knows of any others please let me know for next year.

We have an old traditional Thanksgiving song -- Over the River (yes, it's a Thanksgiving song not a christmas song)

And a new song - The Gobble Song. You have to watch the YouTube link to watch all the fun it can be.

So come and enjoy and I hope to see you all at the next Ballard WikiWiki on November 20th.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

WikiWiki Jam on Alki Beach taking a hiatus

With the cold weather closing in on us the WikiWiki on Alki is going to hibernate... taking a hiatus... getting out of the cold... Zip... Kapow.... I'm outta here!

But just for the winter months. See you next summer for sure. For now I've left you with the perfect song, from another time, that says it all.

See you all at the Ballard WikiWiki song circle... our next one is on November 16. I'll have those wonderful holiday songs.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October.. Sing 'On Moonlight Bay' when you look out onto Elliott Bay....

It's an oldie, and short and sweet and simple to play.

Remember Gordon McRay and Doris Day... they sung it and made a movie of the same name. For those of you that don't know those names of movie history... even the Beatles sang it. For those of you that don't know the Beatles... well, just come talk to me.

'On Moonlight Bay' is our song for October. I even included a simple song sheet if you want to try picking the melody. Now you can sing the verse, pick the medley, and sing the verse again.... just like Doris and Gordon.

Of the 4 chords in this song the F, Bb, and C are all very simple... but then comes that F dim..... 'dim' for diminished, like in diminished hopes of every grabbing it properly. But the good part is that once you can grab one diminished chord... it's good for most of all the other diminished chords.

WikiWiki Jam on Alki

Last Sunday was our last 'on the beach' in the 'outdoors' WikiWiki... luckily it was a beautiful day at the beach. I am still trying to find a nice place on Alki that's 'indoors' maybe with a bathroom and some warm drinks.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

West Seattle Beach Party was a success.

One never knows what's going to happen when you name a date and say 'let's get together and play some ukulele'. But I learned one can claim success when you have a bunch of supportive friends and a few crazy ones to add to the pile. Between 7 or 8, maybe 9 ukers showed up, I don't know the real numbers... as one left, two others would show up.

With out a doubt two of the more crazy were Tyler (inset) and Rob who pulled up to Anchor Park (Alki Beach) in their Zodiac, all the way from Shilshole Marina to join us. Sad for them they showed up right as we were ending up at 3pm.... but lucky for me they still wanted to play... I had to stay. They were late because one of them, I won't say who, left the launching wheels down... what a drag. lol

Thank you all for showing up... thanks Gregg for a great Bass uke to follow and for your unexpected singing.... which reminds me that I need singing lessons and soon.

Mahalo to you all.

NOTE: The next West Seattle Beach Jam is scheduled the same day as the SUPA picnic at Woodland Park, August 7th . I hate to take this away from Alki, as we just started and we have only so few summer months/weekends). But....

....we will join our ukulele family and enjoy the bigger event. I encourage all my WikiWiki players to come to Woodland Park and join in the good food and ukelele sounds August 7th.

July is full of 'Moonglow'

Now that the fireworks are over... there's plenty of time to look up into our dark nights, with someone you love while you grab your trusty ukulele and sing about the 'Moonglow'.

This is an ol' Billie Holliday number and if you want to jazz it up listen to her on YouTube. But I slowed it down and let Mr. Rod Stewart sing it for you. I think it's best slow and moody.

The cord names may be a bit daunting with all the D13ths, G6's or flated 9's. But they really are forms of shapes most of you have played before. Get that awesome riff down and you won't want to stop.

As always, you will find it on our websites download page.

See you all on the 17th.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

West Seattle Beach Party July 3rd.

I finally have all the info for the West Seattle Beach Jam. Well 'almost' on the beach jam. We'll gather at Anchor Park at the most northern point of Alki Beach. So come join us the first Sundays of each of our summer months... as long as the sun stays out. All the info can be found on theWest Seattle page of our web site... maps and all.

Monday, May 30, 2011

June songs = Elvis and Vegas

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.... and that's good for us. I am very vocal about not being an Elvis fan, but I have to admit I do like a few of his songs and 'Viva Las Vegas' is at the top of my El-vi list. Why?... 'cause it's so much fun to sing.

OK... some of you are wondering... 'Why Pat is the June song so early?' I am going on vacation yeah!!!!. I'll be back on the 15th for any questions you may have.... otherwise I'll see you all on the 19th at the WikiWiki.

Update: I plan to have a ukulele gathering on the beach... on Alki. This will be our West Seattle 1st sunday Jam. Our fist beach jam will be July 3rd. I'll have more details, as to where and when, by the next WikiWiki.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May song.... get ready to 'twang'

Hank Williams is one of those greats. Great sound, great songs, and what's great for us most of Hank's songs are easy to play.

So get that voice in the back of your throat, let it vibrate to a western 'twang' and let's all sing and play... 'Hey, Hey Good Lookin'.

Be sure to check out 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry' in our 2010 book.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Request: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We all love brother IZ's medley - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World". It's a tough song to master and is best played as a solo with a bit of the Reggae or Calypso beat.

I keep getting requests... so for you brave souls here's some home work.

Here's the strum sheet -- see Calypso. Get the strum down then practice the chord progression just below it... 2 measures of 4 beats of each ---- C -- Em, F -- C, F -- E7, Am -- F .

Here's the song sheet... sorry not as nice as you usually get.

Here's the video, so you can play along and sing with Izrael Kamakawiwo'ole.

Monday, April 11, 2011

April songs.... Sea of Love... and another for extra credit.

"Sea of Love"... is one of the great songs of early rock and roll. We're back to simple chords and a slow steady beat on this one. How many remember strolling down the dance floor to this one?.

OK... am I the only one that old?

I'm starting something new as well... I call it XtraCredit.
Our first XtraCredit song is a jumpin' be-bop song called "Bring Me Sunshine", which starts out slow and easy... and if you're brave enough you can work it to a high pitch of excitement. Just watch the very hot video here.

It's very Louis Prima.... OK.. who said "who?"

You can download each song by clicking on their names above or going to our download page on the WikiWiki website.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remember UKe Day on Vashon with Lil' Rev

It's coming up real fast.... March 27th. And has a lot going on. Just take a look.

• Ukulele Workshop: 11 am -12:30 (at cath's house) pre-register 206-335-6674

• Ukulele Song-cirle / Strum-in /Kanikapila: 1 - 3:30 pm OBER park on Vashon (Free)

• Lil' Rev Concert: 4 pm Vashon Theater - Gen'l: $7, kids and Seniors: $5

LIL REV is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music-historian who teaches and tours nationally. He hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is visiting Vashon at the end of this year's national tour. Some of his honors are: WAMI 2004 Best Folk Singer in Wisconsin; 2003 Inductee into the Old-time Traditional. Country Music Hall of Fame; WAMI 2000 Best Instrumental Harmonica; and Hohner's 1996 Nat'l Blues Harmonica Champion. His many awards and frequent travels have garnered him a loyal and growing fan base amongst lovers of all things, Ukulele, Folk, Old Time, Harmonica, Jewish Music & Culture, Quilting, American Labor History and Respect for our Elders!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Songs.... late, late, late....

Yup! I made it, but just barely.

We have a jumping little Ja-wiian song for us this time. "Lahaina" from Loggins and Messina - remember them?. And an old favorite "Stand By Me" from Ben E. King.

Both of these songs have almost the same beat or strum... with a little twist to 'em. So they should be fun.

And, yes..... for our Irish friends (which I am one)... we will sing "When Irish Eyes are Smilin" from the 2010 combined book.

Check them all out on our downloads page.

Monday, March 14, 2011

You know those pretty silver Korg tuners...

I am talking about the Korg N222. A lot of us bought one... even though they were expensive (like $75)... and they did kinda make us look like we played better than we really did. Even Jake had one.... and he does play good.

Well, they don't sell them anymore, and you can't find parts for them either.... even that little cap that protects and covers over the battery... so it won't fall out. Well, I so despertly need one of those caps. Sooooooo.

I am looking for someone that has a broken Korg tuner N222 (the model number is on the back). Broken but not tossed, because it cost $75 new, one sitting in a drawer someplace collecting dust. I'll pay $10 for that little battery cap. Really I will. That's like 2 1/2 gallons of gas.

Only as a last resort.... will I use Duck tape to fasten down the battery.

Just email me... and it's a done deal.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Ukefest in Vancouver BC in March

If you never been to a ukulele festival.... get your passport ready and take in this perfect starter UkeFest.

Some of the workshops target to the beginner and intermediate... would be:

  • Jim D'Ville's "Playing by Ear 1 and 2"
  • Daphne Roubini's "Uke can free your voice"... for those of you that dont' sing (you know who you are lol)
  • Andrew Smith "Seeing the uke with a luthiers eye"... learn to see what a ukulele is made of so that next uke is the best it can be
  • and Ralph Shaw... with "Swing Chords & Songs of Tin Pan Alley".. you can't miss Ralph
  • ... and so much more.

The Vancouver Ukulele Festival <--- click for more information

is taking place,

March 26th & 27th 2011~ this will be a weekend of workshops, performances, Jams, and all things Ukulele! With a opening evening concert on Friday 25th. All at Vancouver Live Sound

March 25th - Friday Evening concert ~ 7.00pm - 10.30pm

March 26th & 27th - Saturday & Sunday Ukulele Workshop Extravaganzas ~ 10.00am - 5.30pm

Location: "Live Sound Studios" - 525 Seymour Street Vancouver BC... near Granville station

Registration for the festival is now open: Space is limited to 60 people.


$160 for two day workshop weekend and includes the Friday evening concert

Early bird $140 till March 10th 2011

$20 just for the concert

featuring Jim D'Ville, Ralph Shaw, Guido Heistek, Black Gardenia (Daphne Roubini & Andrew Smith), The Ukesters and Ruby's Ukers.

To buy your ticket send a cheque made payable to Daphne Roubini to #303, 710 Chilco Street, Vancouver V6G 2P9 BC.

or to pay safely online use interac payment by going to


Daphne (Aka Ruby)

604 408 2290

Ruby's Ukes

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jake is coming to Jazz Alley

Jake Shimabukuro will be at Jazz Alley, in Seattle, for two nights, March 29 and 30th. Get them NOW if you want them. I hear spaces are filling up fast. His name is not on the front page of Jazz Alley's site, only on the calendar, so hurry if you want to go and use this link...

I have a link to Jake's site in the sidebar.... if you don't know him. Jake is one of our true Masters... a mix of Hendrix and Santana on the ukulele. As he has grown he begun now to slow it down for some of us that want to hear the melody.

Here's Jake doing "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Sunday, January 23, 2011

February Songs are early.

Yup! I was so thrilled to have the February songs ready.... then realized they have nothing to do with hearts or valentines... except they are about Doggies and Kitties. Ahhhhhh. OK, I did find the perfect love song to add to these two.

This month is a WikiWiki format re-do of a couple of fun songs the Canote brothers brought to SUPA a few months back.

'I Want To Be a Dog'
and the ever popular reversal --
'I Want To Be a Cat'

There's room to add sound effects too.

And for our Valentine love song.... the greatest love song ever.

'Unchained Melody' by the Righteous Brothers.

You'll find them on our downloads page here.

And again... because she was so great. Jenn has accepted the call to dance for us again, so practice 'E huli Mako' (it's in the 2010 book).... if you practice you should be able to look up from your page and watch her lovely hula.

Also... I have new and exciting news for the return of the West Seattle Jam. I'm thinking I want to bring it to the beach... ALKI beach, once our summer comes... so stay tuned. (what do you think of this idea?)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Grass Shack - January 2011's song

Ohhh so late, but January's song is up.

We have a new Hawaiian song for January... and possibly a Hula dancer to dance while we play. How cool is that?

I have been busy.... I took all the Vamp sheets we have used in the past, updated them and added a few of the 'flash cards', and combined them together to make a new book - Beginning Vamp Chords.

I also combined all the Monthly songs of 2011 and added a few of the tools (like the nifty transposing wheel), into another book - 2010 Combined Song Book.

Oh yeah, the Hawaiian song is 'My Little Grass Shack' . I think the Hula dancer is going to be fun.

One sad note... until further notice we will no longer have a WikiWiki Jam in West Seattle. I am looking for a new place... hopefully for less rental or ideally 'none'.

Go to the download page to get all these new things. WikiWiki Downloads