Monday, November 12, 2012

November.... We Got a Deak Skunk... whewwwww

Yup! We got one stinkin' to high heaven.

For November we have a fun folk song from Loudon Wainwright III called... "Dead Skunk".  It's in the key of G, and is an easy I, V, IV progression... all the way through.  Sounds a bit boring... but the words pick it up to make a surprising fun song.  To some it could be considered to have a PG rating... which is even more fun to sing.

When this first came out in 1972... it took until 1973 to become number 13 on the Billboard charts.  I think it had something to do with the rumor that it was about Richard Nixon.... a dead skunk in the middle of the road... if there ever was one.

You'll find a copy of it on our download page... check it out!

Be sure and listen to the video.