Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Song Book Ready for Download

For 2013 I have compiled all three years of books into one.  Introducing our new book... "All Together Now" Ukulele Collection.  If you are a beginner uke player as most of us are.... I've earmarked the beginning songs... and listed which ones are easiest to play by key.  For you intermediate players... we still have all those great songs from our past years.  Nothing changed much except for tossing them all together into one book... in alphabetical order and numbered.  So if you still have the older books... they should still work.

There is a not so secret "Method" to our instruction, and it is the one we will follow as we learn new songs.... so, I would also recommend to download  "First Steps to easy chords"...

If you don't have time to print out your own book... not to worry.  I'll have several books and ukuleles to lend for the day.

You'll find the downloads right here on our Ballard Beginners page.