Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's December and Christmas Is All Around....

This month we're pushing the limits of good taste by promoting our selected song as a real Christmas song... but I love it (it even has a ukulele in the video).  And it's fun and easy to play.

Actually you will be learning two songs in one.  Our selection, "Christmas All Around" is a re-do of the Troggs song "Love All Around".   Be warned this is a very bad take off of Robert Palmer.... which makes it more fun for me -- I loved the Robert Palmer girls... ahhhh....excuse me 'women'.

I also finally posted last months handout... "Progressions and Ornamentals".  You can find it on the download page (November) and in the side panel of this Blog  (under 'Handouts')

See you all December 16th... if not.... have a Happy Holiday and fun filled New Year.....

You can find this song and many others on our download page right here.