Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just "Let It Be" for May.... it's too nice outside.

Let it Be…. if only we could.  The Beatles are still so great.  And so many of their songs are simple enough in melody to be just right for the beginner.  Play it slow and simple… Let It Be.

You'll find it here:

Added some Fun links
I've added a few things to the sidebars on the blog.  

If you haven't found them already, look on the left sidebar and you'll find a list of upcoming Ukulele Festivals --  a wine country ukefest, in California, is coming up in September and Dusty String is going to have their Ukefest in June.

Now if you look to the right sidebar… I've added a few of my favorite links to some of the better teaching sights.  Something for everyone from beginner and better.  

You'll find our blog here: