Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August18 WikiWiki... coming up

The third Sunday means it's Wiki Wiki time...  and another "Ukulele Helper", our video for this month.

This is our second video and I thought it would be good to honor the man that to me was one of those responsible of bringing  the ukulele back into most of our lives.  Brother IZ.

No we're not going to play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" but todays video will give you one man's version of IZ's strum.   I think Mitchell Chang does a very good job.  

This strum is used in all sorts of songs.... if you slow down that 2nd down stroke... it even makes for a great Calypso strum.

Just click on the picture of IZ to go to this months video.

Mitchell's strum pattern is   D  D u    u D u  (remember the D = down strokes, are on the count of 1 2 3 4...).  With the 3 being one of those ghost strokes he talks about.

He's chord progression is:   C, Em, Am and F

Mitchell's last lesson is a tough one.   He's muting all the strings on that down stroke on the 3 count.  That's a hard one, even for me.   Good luck.

See you all on Sunday... August 18th.