Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Sunday WikiWiki West Seattle Canceled

Do to the 4th of July holiday I have cancelled the 1st Sunday WikiWiki at West Seattle for the month of July. Please take this time to eat some good Bar-B-Q with family members and then play some good ukulele.

See you the 1st Sunday of August!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ballard -- Downloads for June.

Make sure you download and print out all the songs/Books you need.

If you will be a first timer, look under 'Downloads' on the right, then download and print out:
  • Grabbing the Chords with ease
  • UWW Song Book UNO
  • Songs for March, April, May and June
If you are returning:
  • You may just have to download Junes songs.
  • But, make sure you have all the rest too.
See you in Ballard

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ukuleles on NPR

There was a wonderful broadcast about the ukulele on NPR.... if you go to the NPR site. above the picture of Jake is a "Listen Now" linkable to hear it in it's entirety.

The Mighty Uke movie is also playing at Dusty Strings during the Uke Fest.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

opps! Remember to download... the Wiki book

Remember to download the Wiki book as well. It's on you left, on top of the sidebar.

Some of you are having trouble with a few of the files.... let me know via email... and I'll send the file directly to you.


West Seattle Wiki... and SUPA song books.

Just to let you know I will have a few copies of the 'SUPA Song Book 2010' available for sale at the Wiki jam in West Seattle this Sunday the 6th.

It can also be purchased at the Ave Copy Center, 4141 University Way NE... 206 633-1837.

Just call them and they can set the book up anyway you like. I ordered my books to be printed double-sided, and spiral bound.. to be consistent with SUPA get the lime-green cover. Price $12.50.

Remember the doors open at 1:45p... we start at 2:00p and end at 4:00p

See you all there......


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dusty Strings 2010 Uke Fest - June 25th - 27th

If you haven't experienced a Uke Fest.. you are missing loads of fun. Here's your chance to spend the whole weekend immersed in ukulele. When: June 25th - 27th.

Dusty Strings always has a great showing of some of the best ukulele teachers/players around. Don't let being a beginner stop you from joining in.

If nothing at all... I strongly encourage you to come to the Uke Fest Concert on Saturday at 7:30.

Jim D'Ville's Friday warm-up work shop... teaches you how to use your ear.. when playing... hearing those chord progressions.

Ralph Shaw from BC... is not only fun to watch... but his strumming techniques says for the intermediate.. but I think what I showed you back in May... this will just add to that.

Other great locals are Casey McGill.... he is the master of the swing era. Jere Canote.... more strums from a folk song angle. Matt Dahlberg... is another local guy... with some fine techniques to share.

For imported talent you can't beat James Hill.... I believe one of the best ukulele players, dare I say in the world... but he's still able to take a subject and bring it down to all levels. He's a master... and all say 'one of the best teachers to learn from'.

Also, Kimo Hussy is the Hawaiian connection... a soft speaking man of immense talent... and the ability to convey what he knows in a clear manner. A master of easy chord progressions.