Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012... We go walkn' With some back to basics.

Yup! Back to basics for the New Year.

We now have in our musical collection of the past two years, oddles of songs that are more intermediate to advanced intermediate level, and fewer songs of the basic 2 or 3 chord variety. Which I am finding that if I am to teach beginners and to have them leave not confused or frustrated, then we need to get more focused on and back to these basic learning steps.

That's not to say... we won't have a few brain teasers. But more along the way of mini-workshops (mainly handouts) of chord studies or progressions, Relative tuning, Transposing, etc.

So let's get started. Our first song of this new year is "These Boots are Made for Walking". It's 3 basics chords in A-- A, C and D.

I'll have a combined book of all the songs we did in 2011 posted to our Wiki website in the next few days. So check on back.

See you all this Sunday the 15th.