Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July holiday... means we're all going to "Dance Tonight".

We always have fun with tunes from Sir Paul McCartney, this one is no exception.   "Dance Tonight" is simple to sing, with only 3 chords - basic one's at that.  And you can strum it slow or fast, it still sounds great.

Last month we had a small group at the WikiWiki, it's tough to compete with Fathers Day.  So that just means our special handout (a transposing wheel), will be handed out again.  You can't get away from learning something at the WikiWiki.

NOTE;  No need to print out the transposing wheel I will have printed copies to give you.

You can download this months song here.

ALKI JAM IN AUGUST.  Just a heads up.  Sadly, I will be on the road that first week in August.  I hope summer lasts a few more months.  If so, then the next Alki Jam in West Seattle will be the first Sunday in September.  That's September 2nd.  Hope to see you all then.