Friday, February 3, 2012

February's gone Calypso with a I, IV, and V.

Keep that Calypso beat, while you stomp you feet to two great Harry Belafonte songs from his Calypso album of 1956. I have to admit I went to see him in concert, in San Francisco, when this album came out. ( I am soooooo old).

Keeping our "Get Back to Basics" theme, both of our songs are using a simple 3 chord progression of I, IV and V. What's doing with doz Roman numbers you ask.... I'll tell you this coming 3rd Sunday the 19th.

So run your little mouse over to our download page to get your copy of "Island in The Sun" and "Jamaica Farewell".

Also, January's handout "Getting to Know Your fretBoard" is posted over to the right, in the sidebar... under 'WikiWiki Handouts' if you didn't keep your copy last month.

And if you need more, the 2011 Songbook has been compiled and is posted on our download page.

See you Sunday the 19th.