Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Grass Shack - January 2011's song

Ohhh so late, but January's song is up.

We have a new Hawaiian song for January... and possibly a Hula dancer to dance while we play. How cool is that?

I have been busy.... I took all the Vamp sheets we have used in the past, updated them and added a few of the 'flash cards', and combined them together to make a new book - Beginning Vamp Chords.

I also combined all the Monthly songs of 2011 and added a few of the tools (like the nifty transposing wheel), into another book - 2010 Combined Song Book.

Oh yeah, the Hawaiian song is 'My Little Grass Shack' . I think the Hula dancer is going to be fun.

One sad note... until further notice we will no longer have a WikiWiki Jam in West Seattle. I am looking for a new place... hopefully for less rental or ideally 'none'.

Go to the download page to get all these new things. WikiWiki Downloads

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