Friday, March 12, 2010

What do I do if I am new?

Well, then I say... Welcome. Then after all of the applause... look to the nav bar on the left and you'll find all you need.
  • A map
  • A where and when note
  • A chord chart if you need one... and you will. lol
If this is your first time with a ukulele... then download:
  • Grabbing the Chords with Ease - beginners' first chords
  • UWW Song Book UNO
  • And fill up your 'Book UNO' with at least the current months new songs if not all past months. We will always try to have at least 3 new songs each month.
The first 45 minutes or hour is 'Beginning Ukulele' for all that are totally new. Following this is our song circle, still beginning... maybe pushing the intermediate level, but I try to make it easy and enjoyable for all.

So, come on down... grab a chair... tune up... and feel the Aloha.

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