Monday, March 22, 2010

March WikWiki -- After thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised to see that our little group almost doubled in size... with a third made up of first time ukulele players. I hope we can grow and grow.... it would be nice to extend our time in the future.

I talked to a few of you afterwards and with my own observations of this last Sunday, I think I am going to make some changes for the better. If you wish to add a comment to this post, please do. I look forward to hearing your input, if it can make improvements for the better.

Observation #1:
In the Beginners workshop I find myself running the class very fast in order to get in all the information in the 45 minutes to hour alloted. I feel it has become too fast, and this pace follows through to the song circle. I believe I am leaving some of you, the very beginner, behind and possible confused. The class was created for the very beginner, so that is not a good thing.

My Fix: I will teach only one of the vamps per workshop... the vamp that leads us into our first song. The other vamp and its chords will be covered as we get into the song circle. A good solution would be to do the 'F' vamp one month and the 'C' vamp the next month.. when I can find a suitable song.

Observation #2:
Again another time constraint, with the song circle. I found this past circle, the three songs were almost too many. By the time we finished with them, still in that rush, there was little time to do selections in the song book. The simpler songs for the beginners were left out... not good. And we broke up very late.... which impacted the pot-luck group that followed us. (hope the food was still warm)

My Fix: We don't need a whole bunch of new songs each month, we need to sing the songs we have. Instead of 3 new songs each month, I will only bring two.. one easy... one intermediate with something new to it, that can be a learning tool.

Observation #3:
I am way too hyper... which makes me move the class fast. I think I need a 'Hyper monitor', someone to yell out 'Slow down'. LOL I get so excited.

My Fix: Someone with a club... or the promise that I will try to slow it down.

Observation #4:
Am I getting to those that need help? Of the people new to the ukulele and forming chords, am I getting you the help you need? I know when I ask, most of you tell me to go on.. continue. I find I take your advice and go on with the flow of the group... but then I know I have left you frustrated and possible confused... not good.

My Fix: Again my slowing everything down will help. I would love to feel that at the end of the song circle/workshop... no one is frustrated or confused. They know what they have to work on and are encouraged to do so. I would also ask that the more experienced players look over to your neighbor and give them a hand.

I hope there's not anymore... but, if you have a comment, please let me know.

Thank you for a wonderful March WikiWiki... see you all in April.


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