Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July WikiWiki - Ukulele Yoga

It seems that since I am not adding anymore new songs to our book... I should add something.  Don't you think?

Each month I will post a helpful video or bit of information to help us on way to becoming better players.  If you have found something that has helped you.... a video or lesson plan you've discovered on the web.... let me know and I'll post it.  First come first serve. *smile

For our first post.... I have a video from YouTube by Ukulele Underground's Aldrine Guerrero.  Here he's showing up how to stretch those fingers.  Dang!  On the first exercise he stretches to the 5th fret... I could only do to the 3 errrrr maybe 4 frets... how about you?  Don't over do it, I don't want any lawsuits because of sprained pinky fingers.

Click on the pic to view the video.....

See you all at the Beginners WikiWiki this Sunday on the 21st.

Hey! take me back to the Beginners WikiWiki site, so I can get all the info like time and place.

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