Thursday, July 7, 2011

July is full of 'Moonglow'

Now that the fireworks are over... there's plenty of time to look up into our dark nights, with someone you love while you grab your trusty ukulele and sing about the 'Moonglow'.

This is an ol' Billie Holliday number and if you want to jazz it up listen to her on YouTube. But I slowed it down and let Mr. Rod Stewart sing it for you. I think it's best slow and moody.

The cord names may be a bit daunting with all the D13ths, G6's or flated 9's. But they really are forms of shapes most of you have played before. Get that awesome riff down and you won't want to stop.

As always, you will find it on our websites download page.

See you all on the 17th.

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