Monday, March 14, 2011

You know those pretty silver Korg tuners...

I am talking about the Korg N222. A lot of us bought one... even though they were expensive (like $75)... and they did kinda make us look like we played better than we really did. Even Jake had one.... and he does play good.

Well, they don't sell them anymore, and you can't find parts for them either.... even that little cap that protects and covers over the battery... so it won't fall out. Well, I so despertly need one of those caps. Sooooooo.

I am looking for someone that has a broken Korg tuner N222 (the model number is on the back). Broken but not tossed, because it cost $75 new, one sitting in a drawer someplace collecting dust. I'll pay $10 for that little battery cap. Really I will. That's like 2 1/2 gallons of gas.

Only as a last resort.... will I use Duck tape to fasten down the battery.

Just email me... and it's a done deal.



  1. I also need a cap. Did you happen to get another one I could buy from you? Crystal.


  2. Are you still looking for this n222.