Sunday, May 23, 2010

June Wiki - two new songs for two Wiki's

If you haven't heard the WikiWiki has expanded. Not only do we have our ongoing and popular Ballard WikiWiki for beginners --- the third (3rd) Sunday of each month. We just this month added a WikiWiki in West Seattle on the first (1st) Sunday --- for all levels of player, even the beginner,

That's right... the 'first' Sunday in West Seattle... that's next Sunday the 6th. Don't miss it.

As a beginner, you might feel intimidated... well don't be. Our main book will be the WikiWiki song book you already have, we'll also play from the SUPA 2010 book.... so come on out to West Seattle and join in on the fun. If nothing else you play air ukulele or mute the strings and play rhythm.

For more information about our two WikiWiki's -- like dates, time, directions, go to our new website/blog connection.

We also have two new songs for June... so add them to your Wiki book. (both groups please download)

I thought we would have some fun with a sad love song (aren't they all?) and a fun folk song from the land of OZ.

Here's our June favorites:

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