Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Wiki - 2 new Songs

April WikiWiki will be brought to you by the key of 'G', Coca-Cola, and the ever popular Bette Midler. 'G' you say... Yes, my wiggly ukers.... ohhh a new key to play around in. Excitment, nothing but excitment.

To give more time for the song circle I have offered only two songs this month... but, great and wonderful songs never-the-less. And with us singing them... the day can't get any better.

Please down load April's two songs, add them to your song book, and bring yourself to the next WikiWiki on April 18... doors open at 1:15. Beginner class 1:30, with song circle to follow at 2:30.

'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' (sorry I had to revise this 4/15/10)

If you are new to our Wiki... please download and bring these additional items, which you will find under 'download' on your left.
  • Grabbing the Chords with Ease - beginners' first chords
  • UWW Song Book UNO
  • Download this months songs (see above) as well as March's songs and add to your book for a complete song book.
Hint: along the sidebar on the left... you'll find a map to the Senior Center, if you need one, as well as a couple of nifty tools.

Aloha... and see you Sunday ( 0 )==::

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