Saturday, February 6, 2010

Song Books coming...

I am working feverishly day and night... well, not too many nights... working up new "Beginning Intro" and "Song Circle" song books. All hopefully within the beginner to intermediate range. So check back in the next few days.

What my plan is, is once the song books are posted I want everyone to print them out, put them in their own binder and bring them to each Wiki. Each month I will be adding songs for you to collect and add to your binder for the next coming Wiki. You will not need any of the SUPA song books.

Beginners, the doors open at Ballard at 1:15... please be early if possible. We need to tune up and start quickly as we only have 45 minutes then we'll move on to the Song Circle part of our two hours.

The full two hours is open to everyone... no matter what your skill level of playing. Strummers or pickers alike. Those more skilled are always a big assist to myself and the others, as well as help fill the room with that wonderful Aloha sound.

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